Maguen Team ® is an Israeli-originated company, established in Mexico in 2008, providing high-level security solutions. Our team consists of Israeli security experts including former IDF Commanders, and special agents from the Israeli Security Agency SHIN BET and embassies around the world.

Drawing on our vast experience in the international security field, our team has the knowledge and capability to utilize the most effective methods and procedures in the Mexican and Latin American atmosphere.

By creating and managing custom security solutions adapted to the individual needs of each client, we provide all resources necessary to safeguard our clients and their interests from potential risks.


Well-selected and carefully recruited security agents. Constantly trained and supervised.


Tailor-made security plans, continuously adapted and improved by risk assessments and internal audits.


Our services are monitored 24/7 by our own dedicated command post
which is equipped with advanced, top-of-the-line technology.


Security Management Maguen Team

Security management

Our approach as security consultant is to offer holistic protection service, where we serve as the exclusive, most reliable point of contact for the client regarding all matters of security. We understand that security is a profession that requires an expert on the area. Our team of experts integrate tools like attack drills, hidden observation and examinations to get the most profound details about the requirements needed for each client.
VIP and executive protection

Executive protection

Our mission is to protect the life, well-being, and image of our clients, and furthermore to provide the necessary preventive resources to avoid threats. We draw on our vast experience in the field of executive and VIP protection to provide tailored solutions with the required flexibility to suit each client’s necessities.
Security Consultant

Security consulting

Our consulting services define the client’s interests and assets to be protected, the potential threats and possible “modus operandi”. We develop an optimal strategy to confront risks without interfering with the client’s operational business continuity. We build personalized operative plans that include: reaction procedures, technology requirements, staff training and emergency programs, among others.
Training Plans

Training Programs

We offer a variety of security training programs, developed and led by a team of professional Israeli trainers. The courses methodology is constantly reviewed and renewed to take into effect the latest techniques and strategies. We focus on two different objectives: train and discipline security personnel and field agents and provide executives and individuals with security coaching and preventive behavior programs.
Productions Security

Film & Tv Production security

We provide the security required to allow the cast and crew to work undisturbed from the preparation stage until wrap. Protecting the cast, crew, and equipment, including company moves. Our services include: scouts for locations, crisis management, response team, VIP protection and more.
Polygraph test

Special investigations and crisis management

We provide analysis and study of specific and sensitive situations that warrant special investigation. Our experts will conduct extensive research and field study on any topic of global security. For more details about these services, consult directly with our experts.


Worldwide security coverage, specializing in Mexico and Latin America.



Driven by a culture of discipline, we strive to adjust and fine-tune the services we offer to the point of outstanding quality. We seek to exceed expectations and achieve it by emphasizing extreme attention to details and the highest professional standards


We act with effectiveness, ethics, and professionalism, while re-evaluating our programs and operative services to detect weaknesses and make proper improvements


We integrate training, expertise, skills, and technologies designed to best meet our client needs, while conducting constant research in order to deliver uninterrupted solutions that guarantee security and stability


The efficacy of a security plan depends on the client’s cooperation, so achieving the client’s comfort with any security plan is of the utmost importance. Our approach is to analyze, understand, and adapt to each of our client’s unique needs with customized solutions to ensure their comfort and safety


The criminal world is constantly evolving. Therefore, we have a continuous commitment to study and be up to date with the latest modus operandi. This allows us to anticipate future problems and implement preventive methods and solutions

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